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Five Things to Do in Las Vegas If You Only Have One Day

Five Can’t Miss things to do in Las Vegas

It seems I’m asked the same three questions all the time: What should I do in Las Vegas? What is the one thing I can’t miss when I’m in Vegas? And, What would you do if you had only one day in Las Vegas?

Well, I figured I should give you an idea of five things that are very Vegas and always on my list of things to do.

Absinthe at Sage at Aria Resort - Take a deep breath. You can feel the hair on the back of your neck slowly curl. That is what it feels like when you decide to go for it with a little absinthe at Sage.  The absinthe is swirled, it’s ignited and the fumes are caught in a glass with a cloth napkin. You come along with a straw and take in the anise flavored warm air and follow it with a chaser of Root Beer and absinthe and you soon relize you’re atth egrwon up table. The food is fabulous at Sage as Sean McClain is taking things to another level, but experiencing some absinthe is very Vegas.

Watch the room decor change at Switch at Encore - If you don’t like the decor, wait a few minutes and soon the entire atmosphere is replaced with another. The walls move, the ceiling changes and the music is altered. Just like that your dinner experience is brand new. The wine list is impressive, the room is casual yet elegant and the menu has a few surprises but when was the last time you had a meal in a room that kept changing its appearance?

Spend a day at Canyon Ranch Spa - the Rasul ceremony is one of those treatments you’ll share with someone special and the experiential rains will soothe your stressed nerves. One day, one spa and you’ll be ready to take on the Las Vegas Strip. You can spa treatments elsewhere but the size and selections at the Canyon Ranch Spa makes this a very special place to unwind.

Watch Love at the Mirage – Sure there are plenty of shows in Las Vegas but LOVE by Cirque du Soliel is simply the one show that will stay with you for a long time. The music is familiar, the performers will dazzle you and the way the show culminates will have you humming your new favorite tunes the entire time you are in Las Vegas. You don’t have to a fan of the Beatles to Love this show.

Window shop at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace – I hate shopping! Really, I don’t see the beauty in overpaying for anything. What I do appreciate is walking around the Forum Shops, the people watching, the meatloaf with Port Wine sauce at Spagos, fiddling with gadgets at the Apple store and trying on t-shirts that are way too tight at the Gap and Banana Republic. Really, who wears those things?

Zeke Quezada is the Las Vegas Editor for EscapeHatchDallas and Guide to Las Vegas for, and, since he’s a media star, he rarely pays for anything in Vegas. If it’s on the Las Vegas strip, Zeke has swam, slept, eaten, drank or lounged there.


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  1. Encore At The Wynn    11/14/2010

    There is such an elegant display of architectural talent at Switch at Encore. Love how the scene changes and Switches to another to make the mood so versatile. I will be back for sure.

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