El Pollo Loco now sells birria tacos. So how do they taste?

, the popular Mexican-inspired casual chain, has recently added a new LTO item to their menu: birria tacos.

While birria tacos have been around for a long time, quesabirria tacos have recently gained TikTok popularity. This is not a quesabirria taco.

The main difference between the two is that quesabirria is made by dipping the tortilla in a mixture of beef broth, spices, and drippings from the birria meat before grilling the tortilla on a mound of cheese. Pollo Loco doesn’t dip their tortillas or griddle their exteriors with cheese.

Instead, El Pollo Loco piles two stacked corn tortillas with slow-simmered beef meat, melted cheese, onions, and cilantro. Then they fold the assembly into a taco shape, fry it till crispy, then wrap it in foil so the steam slightly softens the shell.

You know the birria drill from here: Unwrap the taco. Pick up the taco with your hands. Plunge the end into a ramekin of EPL’s birria broth and go at it.

El Pollo Loco sent us some of their beef birria tacos to try.

You know what? They are good crispy tacos, whatever you call them.

And they’ll be on El Pollo Loco’s menu until June 1.