Big-deal chefs will teach free cooking classes at the State Fair of Texas, and here’s the line-up

The State Fair of Texas is back, and this year, the notable food it’s not just the fried midway stuff. The fair is also hosting the Celebrity Chef Kitchen, a free event where more than 90 chefs from around Texas will showcase their culinary skills and share their delicious dishes with the audience.

The Celebrity Chef Kitchen, located in the Creative Arts Building, will feature four live cooking demonstrations every day of the fair, from September 29 to October 22. The lineup includes chefs from various backgrounds and specialties, such as barbecue, Tex-Mex, Asian, Italian, and more. Some of the chefs have even appeared on national TV shows, such as Cake Wars and Iron Chef America.

The event allows fairgoers to learn from the experts, get kitchen tips, ask questions, and taste samples of the chefs’ signature dishes. The chefs will also talk about their personal stories, inspirations, and passions for cooking. The event aims to celebrate the diversity and creativity of Texas cuisine, and to inspire the audience to explore new flavors and techniques.

The full schedule of the Celebrity Chef Kitchen can be found at here, where fairgoers can also pre-register and enter amateur cooking contests, such as the International Cuisine Contest and Youth Cooking Contest.

Here’s the planned lineup and calendar: