$65 Sunday Supper goes French this Sunday at Nick & Sam’s, and a few seats just opened up.

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You are going to want to jump on this deal: Sunday Supper, the family style, over-the-top monthly dinner at Nick & Sam’s steakhouse, opened a few more seats for this month’s dinner. This is the single best dinner value in town, featuring course after course of excellent food and wine, fun people and a private setting in a celebrity room at Nick & Sam’s in Uptown. Chef Taylor Kearney is cooking French, and I can tell you this: Taylor Kearney can flat out cook French. Take a look at this menu.

Dhurandhar says he opened a few more seats to this month’s Sunday Supper to showcase Kearney’s talent at classic French cooking. You will not be disappointed, and if you are, Samir Dhurandhar, the exec chef at N&S, will buy your dinner.

Ring Nick & Sam’s for a reservation. Dinner starts at 6:30.

3008 Maple Ave  Dallas, (214) 871-7444

Hors D’oeuvres

Foie Gras
au torchon / seared / assorted compotes

Ris De Veau
crispy sweetbread / sauce gribiche / caperberry

Escargots De Bourgogne
red wine / lardon / wild mushroom / fines herb

Bar A Huitres
oysters / traditional garnish

Champignon Sur Pain Grille
Wild mushroom / brioche / egg / sea-bean

Soupes et Salades

Soupe A L’Oignon Gratinée
local onion / gruyère / baguette
Salade Aux Lardons
farm egg / lardon / chickory / mustard vinaigrette


Duck A L’Orange
Hanger Steak Frites
Foie De Veau Lyonnais


Warm Radish
Pasta Gratinée
Duck Fat Frites


Peach Tarte Tatin
Chocolate Pot de Creme


photos: Nick & Sam’s Sunday Supper, November 2013