A top secret meat & seafood sale this Saturday will sell you the same prime beef and seafood usually only available to top DFW chefs and restaurants

You can buy meat at the grocery store, inside a big box store, from mail order suppliers like Allen Brothers, or even pick up two or three plump dry-aged steaks directly from chef John Tesar at Knife. Or you can back up to a meat truck this Saturday to load your trunk with chef-quality beef from Halpern’s.

You might not know that name, but Halpern’s is the same purveyor that supplies Town Hearth steakhouse and several other high-end restaurants in town with their prime meats and seafoods.

And this Saturday, April 25, Halpern’s is going to be selling that same meat to you and me straight out of their delivery trucks. I’ve toured their production facilities and enormous dry-aging room in Atlanta, and they run a spotless, prime quality meat and seafood operation. Rick Hamilton, Halpern’s go-to guy in town, says Saturday’s event will be stocked with the same beef and seafood Halpern’s sells to restaurants, no shortcuts. Take a look at the list of what’s on offer. Prices are reasonable, quality is high, and this opportunity doesn’t come around often.

The whole back-up-the-truck deal goes down at 3011 Gulden Lane at Trinity Groves in Dallas from 11 am until 3 pm. You can also secure a pre-order if you email retailsales@halperns.com before 1 pm Friday.