Check out these 2/3-pounder tamales delivered from Mi Dia From Scratch

I remember chef Gabriel DeLeon’s red chile pork tamales at Mi Dia From Scratch as terrific, but so is most of the food he serves at his modern Mex-Tex and New Mexican restaurant in Grapevine. I’d forgotten that they are  also substantial – each of the tamales in our lunch order today was as big as an adult’s hand and weighed in at nearly 2/3 of a pound. A dozen of these handmade beauties costs just $14 – including free delivery – but there are other great values on the streamlined to-go menu too.

But beyond the tamales (which arrived with a big bag of crisp tortilla chips and a container of red-and-green salsa), there was an extra bonus:  Mi Dia’s staff members handle deliveries within a 10 mile radius of the restaurant, so all of the money goes to keeping the restaurant open and restaurant staff employed.

Check out the rest of the menu (the one with the tamales) here.