A new Argentinian steakhouse is opening in former Tillman’s Roadhouse space, with Tacos Mariachi owner Jesus Carmona on board

Tacos Mariachi impresario Jesus Carmona is teaming up with Mexico City restaurateur Ramiro Fernandez Pazos on a new Bishop Arts restaurant expected to open next month.

Construction is under way to transform the former Tillman’s Roadhouse space in the BADlands (Bishop Arts District) into Chimichurri, an Argentinian-styled bistro with 120 seats, an outdoor terrace, aside-grilled meats, empanadas, traditional choripans (chorizo sandos), Artentinian wines, dulce de leche desserts and – wait for it – “Don’t Cry for me, Argentina” themed clutter from the movie Evita. That means the place could be really good (despite the posters) or really cheesy. At least with Carmona on board, I’ll bet on really good.

324 W 7th Street in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Oak Cliff.