Greenville Ave’s beloved Alamo Club reopens with renewed focus on dinner and food

Restaurateur and all-around good guy Austin Rodgers sends word that he’s reopening his beloved Alamo Club on Sept. 1 with a renewed emphasis on food, patio dining, physical distancing and, of course, bespoke cocktails.

Prior to the Covid quarantine shutdown, the Greenville Ave. spot drew crowds for both food and beverages, but TBH, Alamo Club was the place you went to hang out with friends and drink late at night. Covid bar rules shut all that down. Now, thanks to new TABC rules that allow Texas bars to recertify as restaurants if they generate the majority of their sales from non-alcoholic sources, Alamo Club has rejiggered its mix.

That means you and your best buds can once again hang out at the AC (physically distanced, of course) inside or on the patio (one of the best backyard discoveries in the area). But keep in mind that 50% capacity controls, six-foot distancing rules and face masks are still part of the deal.

1919 Greenville Ave., Dallas, 469-399-7600.

Photos: Alamo Club Facebook, Escapehatch