Some chefs grow their own produce or raise their own cattle. This Fort Worth restaurant now has its own caviar

Some restaurants grow their own produce. Some chefs own part of a cattle ranch. Yet others forage for seasonal goodies. The owners of B&B Butchers & Restaurant in Fort Worth now have their own line of caviar.

Berg Hospitality Group and owner Benjamin Berg have launched Royal White Sturgeon caviar, a sustainably-produced custom custom line harvested by Berg at a farm in Idaho. The caviar will be a permanent menu new menu item at Berg’s B&B Butchers restaurants in Fort Worth and Houston beginning Saturday, July 17.

Berg Hospitality partnered with California Caviar Company on the project. Owned by Deborah Keane, CCC says it only sells sustainably-produced caviar, though others have made that claim and not been truthful.

B&B will sell a one-ounce tin of Berg’s caviar for $95.

“We are extremelyproud of the quality of this product,” said Benjamin.“ We can’t wait for it to hit our dining rooms and have guests experience it themselves.”