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The Exchange at the AT&T Discovery District adds pizza and ice cream just in time for Chefs for Farmers’ annual celebration!

The Exchange at the AT&T Discovery District has added two new vendors to its mix.

The Central Business District food hall connected AT&T’s downtown headquarters building now offers pizza ice cream.

Zalat Slices is a by-the-slice spinoff of Zalat Pizzas; the brand is best known for a kooky array of toppings that includes roasted corn, mind-numbing reaper peppers and Sriracha-spiked ranch dressing.

Saturday Morning Ice Cream is Dallas chocolate chef Katherine Clapner’s take on the soft-serve ice creams of her childhood dreams. The owner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate nods to sugary sweet cereals and classic Saturday morning cartoons from decades ago with concoctions like “Pebbles & Bam Bam” (Tutti Fruity-flavored soft serve with strawberry sauce and Fruit Loops cereal), “Elmer Fudge” (chocolate banana-flavored soft serve with bits of double-chocolate ice cream sandwiches and Steen’s cane syrup) and ”Thunder Cat” (coffee cake-flavored soft serve with brewed coffee, brown butter and streusel crumbles).

I’ve never stepped foot in the Exchange, but we’ll all have a chance to check it out in early November, for sure: Chefs for Farmers is hosting a big weekend shindig there, so I won’t miss that.

photo: Katherine Klapner courtesy of Kathy Tran

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