Douglas, a snazzy new BBQ joint from pit expert Doug Pickering, is headed to SMU

We told you last July that one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s more talented barbecue masters would be opening a new smoked meats emporium across from SMU this spring. Now we can reveal a few of the details.

Doug Pickering, a former Wall Street broker who traded making bucks for smoking barbecue more than a decade ago, is busy renovating a space in Snider Plaza as a lunch-and-dinner restaurant called Douglas.

Pickering, the founding pitmaster at Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard BBQ, says Douglas will focus on smoked meats (prime brisket, turkey, ribs, pork and sausage) at lunch, then transition into a less cue-centric menu at dinner. That’s when bbq shrimp cocktails, honey glazed smoked salmon, rotisserie chicken, fried quail and pork shoulder steaks will take the lead.

Brisket, ribs and sausage will also be available when Pickering can squeeze a few extra pounds out of his post oak smokers — but don’t count on it happening often. Instead, Pickering says, a rotating list of daily specials (brisket and pork belly burnt ends, beef short ribs, smoked prime rib) ensure that bbq purists can get their fix at dinner, even if there’s not sliced brisket that night.

That’s okay; Douglas’ preliminary dinner menu also includes a wagyu steak frites, beer-battered fried okra, green chile mac ‘n’ cheese, pit beans and baked potato salad.

It’s also a smart move, I think — a New Texas BBQ trend where pitmasters and chefs focus on traditional low-and-slow offerings for lunch then incorporate other, more upscale smoked elements in the evening. That also allows them to pluck ingredients and techniques from other cuisines or cultures.

Two great examples of that right now? Loro Dallas, the recently opened mashup from Austin chef Tyson Cole (Uchi, Uchiba) and Austin smoke wizard Aaron Franklin (Franklin Barbecue), and Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington, where owner Brandon Hurtado weaves Tex-Mex and ‘cue into runaway hits.

Douglas will have a few salads on the menu, but honestly, who cares? You’re going there for the good stuff.

And for desert? Fresh pies! (I’m in for the coconut cream and Texas pecan numbers.)

photos: Doug Pickering