The Four Seasons Resort & Club at Dallas in Las Colinas will soon become a Ritz-Carlton – and a new celebrity chef Italian steakhouse and burger bar are in the plans

A West Coast real estate investment group is wrapping up its acquisition of the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas, a deal that’s expected to pour millions into hotel renovations, new construction and reflagging the hotel and its two golf courses under the luxury Ritz-Carlton brand, according to sources familiar with the private transaction.

Of course, none of these changes has yet been announced. We broke the news in January that a flag change was coming and hinted the new brand would be Ritz. Now we’re doing it again. IYKYK.

According to the plans we’ve seen, the hotel’s 307 guest rooms and villas will receive a top-to-bottom refurbishment. So will the ballrooms, the spa, the pools and the main lobby. Troon Golf will take over the management of the Sports Club and the two golf courses. The refit also includes a new 15,000-sf ballroom and new meeting space. The transformation is gearing up to begin as soon as the transaction is finalized, targeted a few weeks from now.

But it’s the resort’s new food and beverage plans that have us really juiced up.

The hotel’s main restaurant, LAW, will be reconcepted early next year as an Italian steakhouse from notable Dallas chef John Tesar, the guy behind Knife steakhouses in Dallas and Plano, plus two spinoffs– Knife and Spoon in Orlando (at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando) and Outer Reef at SoCal’s Dana Point (at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott) that specialize in steaks and seafood.

In addition to the new steakhouse, Tesar is also slated to open a poolside Knife Burger and an outdoor tequila-and-taco bar adjacent to the existing lobby bar, which will also be reconfigured.

Tesar sidestepped questions about the new project, but he confirmed reports that he was recently spotted inspecting LAW restaurant and the hotel.

And that new ownership group? They’re the same ones who own the Ritz-Carlton Orlando — yes, the top-tier resort owners who recruited Tesar to install that Knife and Spoon restaurant there (which we hear is doing phenomenally well).