Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ice cream is over. Are you ready for Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels? You’ll find this new Van Leeuwen flavor in your neighborhood right now

Van Leeuwen ice creams are among the best in America. In Dallas, you can buy them at their scoop shop (news flash: another one is headed to Preston Hollow and a third to Fort Worth). Or you can head to Walmart, where Van Leeuwen stocks their freezers with a rotating selection of five flavors unique to Walmart. The new flavors are refreshed every ten weeks.

Remember the buzz Van Leeuwen created with their Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream? That’s gone, but their new flavor is equally daring: Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels.

It’s one of the five flavors in Walmart stores beginning today. Also new to the WM freezers:  Campfire S’mores, Summer Peach Crisp, Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam, and Espresso Fior di Latte Chip.

“Walmart is a great partner and we are thrilled they have welcomed us back to launch five summer-themed flavors nationwide,” says Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. “The Van Leeuwen team couldn’t be more excited to give Walmart shoppers the opportunity to try out what are sure to be the next internet-breaking ice cream flavors of the summer, including our latest collaboration with Grey Poupon.”

Mustard ice cream is too out there for me. I’m opting for a pint of Campfire S’Mores, which is loaded with toasted marshmallow ice cream, chocolate fudge swirls, graham cookies and marshmallows.

That Summer Peach Crisp? Peaches and a gluten-free oat crumble. Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam is vanilla ice cream with pieces of honey cornbread and strawberry jam. Espresso Fior di Latte Chip? Espresso ice cream swirled with chocolate chips and graham cookies.

“Refreshing our flavor selection at Walmart stores has allowed Van Leeuwen to create new unique flavors widely available to ice cream lovers in every corner of the country,” says Van Leeuwen 

The five new flavors are available now at 3,500 Walmart locations in all 50 states.