Bonchon’s K-fried chicken wings are a steal in this deal

The crisp, crackly crunch of Korean fried chicken is irresistible, even to people who don’t usually like wings.

Bonchon’s DFW locations are now offering a LTO special that doubles down on the crunch. For a limited time, you can snag a 20/20/20 deal: Get 20 wings for $20 in celebration of Bonchon’s 20th anniversary.

The Addison-based company’s corporate-owned locations in Addison and Frisco have also intro’d a slew of new menu items, plus lunch specials and a kids’ menu. New to the mix:

Buldak (bul·dahk), spicy chicken stir-fried with rice cakes, onions, and hot pepper sauce, topped with thinly sliced scallions, sesame seeds and mozzarella cheese served with white rice
Bulgogi (bul·GO·gee), thinly sliced marinated ribeye, sautéed with mushrooms, scallions, sesame seeds and onions, served with white rice
Tteokbokki (duk·bow·KEE), rice cakes simmered in a spicy sauce with fish cakes, scallions and onions topped with mozzarella cheese and kimari
Chicken Katsu, a panko-breaded chicken cutlet served with steamed rice and Bonchon’s house-made katsu sauce and spicy mayo
Pork Buns, pork belly with soy garlic sauce, coleslaw, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, katsu sauce and cucumbers.
Sliders with bulgogi, soy garlic chicken or spicy chicken, coleslaw, cucumber, red onions and spicy mayo, served on a mini potato bun

Bonchon was founded in Busan, South Korea in 2002 and moved its headquarters to Addison in 2021. The restaurant has more than 395 locations worldwide and 115 locations in the U.S. A fourth DFW location will open near Chisholm Trail Parkway in Fort Worth in October.