This new Meatstick 4X wireless cooking temperature probe has BBQ and sous vide superpowers

Some people claim they can poke a steak with their finger to know if it’s done, but we’re not among them.

For that, we’ve been turning to a high-tech, wireless solution called the Meatstick 4X that the manufacturer sent us to test.

The Meatstick 4X is a compact, wireless temperature probe that tracks the temperature of your food in real time, as it cooks. The $129 probe has a 650-foot Bluetooth range and can run up to 70 hours on a single charge. It’s also fully submersible, so it works in sous vide cooks, deep fryers, ovens and outdoor smokers. You can monitor temperatures in a free smartphone app linked by Bluetooth, or anywhere you have an internet connection.
After you’ve set a target temperature through the app, Meatstick’s four built-in sensors (the “4X”) measure the food’s internal temperature and the ambient temperature a few millimeters outside the food.

Three of the temperature sensors are located in the stainless steel part of the stick for detecting the meat temperature and can register a peak temperature of 212°F. The single ambient sensor is built into the metal cap at the top end of the Meatstick and can withstand a maximum temperature of 572°F.

The app charts the progress and estimates the cook time remaining.

That’s a neat touch, especially if you’re grilling a steak or roasting a chicken and need to time dinner.

The probe is easy to use, waterproof and dishwasher-safe.

In our tests, the Meatstick 4X excelled at monitoring briskets on a smoker, steaks on a grill, even chicken slow-cooking sous vide. Without wires or cables to tangle, they’re also ideal to use when roasting meats on a rotisserie grill.

To us, those are superpowers.

Meatstick products are sold online through the company’s website (, Amazon and other retailers.