Central Market’s 28th Annual Hatch Chile Festival Celebrates Hatch Chiles

Central Market stores will host their 28th annual Hatch Chile Festival from August 2 to August 22.

A Hatch chile in Hatch NM

The festival will feature fresh Hatch chiles in a variety of dishes and products across all Central Market locations in the state.

Hatch Chiles are known for their smoky flavor, which comes from the hot days and cool nights in Hatch Valley, New Mexico. Central Market roasts Hatch chiles on site at each store.

The festival will also include a special free Catch Hatch tasting event on August 12, where attendees can sample a variety of dishes and receive a $10 coupon to use that evening to purchase their favorite Hatch-packed products.

Central Market will introduce new Hatch-filled products across various departments of the store, including floral arrangements, cheese spreads, and wines and beers that pair perfectly with the flavors of Hatch Chiles. The festival is a celebration of the unique and flavorful Hatch Chiles, which are only available for a limited time.