A new Razoo’s Cajun Cafe brings a taste of New Orleans (and a walk-up booze window) to Burleson

A new Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe opens next week in Burleson. That’s noteworthy enough, but there’s more. This one has a walk-up window where guests can order adult beverages to-go. It’s the first Razzoo’s to serve alcohol this way, so that seems like a fun way to kick off a weekend (note it’s a walk-up window, not a drive-through). New drink menu, too.

The restaurant is located at 135 W Ellison St., in the heart of Old Town Burleson. That’s adjacent to a park with a kid’s play area and small play trolley, plus a performance stage for theatrical acts and musical performances.

Founded in Dallas, the company now operates 20 locations (including one in Las Colinas).

photo: Razzoos