Twin Peaks intros new “Hot as F*ck” chicken wings, which pair perfectly with beer or Margaritas

Here at EscapeHatch HQ, we’re already half-way through a second round of margaritas, which is unusual for a Tuesday.

The Hot as F*ck wings

The rest of the wings gang

We needed them to recover from the new “Hot as F*ck Sauce” chicken wings at Twin Peaks restaurants.

I don’t know what kind of scorched peppers they mix into this new HAF sauce, but it builds into a sneaky, sweet kind of heat that starts out slow then pummels you.

We ordered our wings smoked then sauced, but you can go deep-fried if you like crispy. The Hot as F*ck sauce is a bit gloppier than a glaze, but some people are gloppy people.

The Hot AF wings officially roll out at the company’s 90+ stores on August 29, but insiders tell us you can order them off-menu right now. And yes, they are hot af.

Tasty too.