This under-the-radar Chefs for Farmers dinner Thursday will feature a famous Texas BBQ legend and a Michelin-starred chef

Get your stretchy pants out.

We’ve discovered the secret to avoiding the ridiculously long lines at one of Texas’ most revered barbecue places, Houston’s wildly popular Truth BBQ. But you’ll have to clear your schedule Thursday night.
That’s so you can attend this under-the-radar Chefs for Farmers dinner featuring Truth pitmaster Leonard Botello and Michelin-starred chef John Tesar.
Tesar, who’s readying to open Knife Italian at the Ritz-Carlton in Las Colinas next February, says he’ll be serving a black-truffle bison ribeye with pumpkin and butter nut squash pave. Fine. Whatever. It’s John Tesar, so you know it will be good.
We’re going for Botello’s incomparably delicious brisket (Texas Monthly ranks Truth BBQ the third best in the state), which he’s trucking up from Houston. Maybe he’ll also bring some Truth cake for dessert, since Houstonians are wild about that, too.
Kudos to Chefs for Farmers founder Iris Midler for convincing Botello to journey north for this year’s CFF events. Double kudos to her for suggesting he scout a location for a Truth BBQ outpost in DFW, which insiders tell me he’ll be doing in between CFF events.
Midler says she’s just released 22 tickets to the Thursday dinner here.
photos: TruthBBQ