13,000 pounds of turkey, 16,000 pounds of mac & cheese, and 8,000 skinny Double Zero Margaritas are on the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day menu

If you’re heading to the Dallas Cowboys game instead of your dining room on Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys have a special Thanksgiving day menu to make you feel right at home.

And yes, you’re going to want a Double Zero Cowboyrita to remind you that you’re in Texas (it’s zero sugar and zero net carb but doesn’t taste weird like other skinny margaritas, which means you can double down on pie)

The Thanksgiving Roll features herb dressing with green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and house pecan-and-hickory smoked turkey bundled and fried in a crispy egg roll wrap, served with turkey gravy for dipping. The Thanksgiving Sandwich includes mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, house pecan-and-hickory smoked turkey, savory herb dressing, green beans, and turkey gravy on a large brioche bun.

These new additions join the annual Cowboys’ Thanksgiving menu, packed with items like the Thanksgiving Bowl and the Thanksgiving Hand Pie.

George Wasai, vice president of Food & Beverage for Legends Hospitality, says, “We love creating new and exciting experiences for this fabulous holiday where delicious flavors are enjoyed by all.”

For Thanksgiving game day, Wasai’s team at AT&T Stadium will prepare more than 13,000 pounds of turkey, 2,340 pounds of sweet potatoes, 970 pounds of pumpkin, 8,000 Double Zero Margaritas and 16,320 pounds of Cowboys mac n cheese to serve the 90,000 fans on Thanksgiving.