This new cookbook offers recipes, tips and insights from World Champions, including stars from Vegas, NYC, LA, even Dallas: “The Pursuit of Pizza”

Some giants in the pizza world have collaborated on a new cookbook, out now on Amazon. Among the authors, Dallas’ Lee Hunzinger and Vegas’ Chris Decker — two great guys who make some of the best pizzas in America. The book is a terrific read filled with step-by-step recipes (and video links) that teach every style of pizza, plus lots of bonus success tips.

“The Pursuit of Pizza: Recipes from the World Pizza Champions” is a compilation of nearly 50 recipes from 40 of the most talented pizza makers around the globe, all of whom are World Pizza Champions. The book is co-authored by Tony Gemignani, Laura Meyer, Mike Bausch, and Nick Bogacz, all celebrated figures in the pizza community.

Tony Gemignani, a name synonymous with pizza excellence, brings his wealth of experience as a 13-time World Pizza Champion to the table. His contributions to the book include a variety of dough recipes, which are cornerstones for several pizza styles¹.

Laura Meyer shares her direct dough recipe, which serves as a foundation for aspiring pizza makers to build upon. Her expertise helps demystify the process of creating the perfect pizza base.

The book also features a unique interactive element with QR code video tutorials. These codes link readers to video demonstrations that cover a range of techniques, from hand-stretching dough for Neapolitan pizzas to assembling a traditional Chicago stuffed pizza.

“The Pursuit of Pizza” is more than just a cookbook; it’s an educational tool that brings the expertise of world-renowned pizza makers into home kitchens. It’s designed to inspire both novice and experienced cooks to explore the art of pizza-making, with guidance from some of the best in the business. A portion of the book’s royalties will also go to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, making each purchase a contribution to a noble cause.