Go Now: Incredible tortillas, tacos and tamales at newcomer Artesenal Tortilleria El Maizal


After working at a tortilleria in Mexico and dreaming of bringing a bricks-and-mortar version to Dallas, patriarch Orlando Martinez Canelo‘s family finally made good on his vision with Artesenal Tortilleria El Maizal, a tortilleria and taqueria his adult children opened late last year.

The family has transformed their small space into a vibrant restaurant and production facility, packing more than a hundred pounds of tortillas each day while serving an all-day menu that sings of Mexican comforts. The star? Incredible masa.

Every day, the family crafts several varieties of masa from freshly ground nixtamalized corn—including white, blue, and nopal-spinach—each variety bringing its own unique flavor and texture to the table.

The tortillas here are revelatory, possibly the best you’ve ever tasted, and the heart of the menu. The masa they’re made with is the foundation of El Maizal’s best offerings, which include an array of tacos, tamales, and crunchy gorditas. Supple and warm, the tortillas embrace fillings like pork carnitas and beef cheek barbacoa with a tender grip, their edges speckled and crisped on a hot comal. They’re a culinary hook, line, and sinker that draws you back for more.

There’s also atole to drink, made with cinnamon and cacao ground on site, plus sopas, enchiladas, combo plates, churros and a rich, complex mole rojo made in-house.

The best part? All of it – including fresh masa and warm tortillas sold by the pound – is available to take home.

5528 Alpha Rd., Dallas, 214-200-3875