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Cotes du Coeur is a Wine Lover’s Paradise. And it happens this week.

Early one morning last week, I threw open my front door to pick up the newspaper, but before I could step outside, I saw a package on the welcome mat—it

Oh, look, the Anatole held a few seats back just for you

must have been delivered when nobody was home.

I tore into it, and there IT was, in all its printed glory—the official Cotes du Coeur Auction Catalogue. After months of waiting, we are finally in the home stretch, and the Gala will be this coming Saturday.

I grabbed some coffee and sat down to pour over the auction items. There are 1737 lots, ranging from individual bottles of wine to incredible travel packages that are any wine-lover’s fantasy come true.

My catalogue came with a pad of stickers for bookmarking the items that looked the most enticing. So I found myself wondering— if I had an unlimited budget (which sadly, I don’t) and could throw caution to the winds, which lots would I pursue with a vengeance?

mmmm...the riviera

Well, there’s Lot 9, “Destination France—A Wine Lover’s Delight!” This incredible package consists of a trip for six to the French Riviera for seven days during the Cannes Film Festival. The group will stay at the private French Villa Panoramique, surrounded by breath-taking views of the Southern Alps, the Loup Valley, and the Mediterranean Sea.  As you revel in the relaxed sophistication of the Riviera, you will enjoy a special selection of Paul Blanck Wines.

The high bidder on Lot 9 will have a sticky problem—he/she will have to figure out what to say to extended family members and friends that aren’t included in the group of six. But somehow or the other, I think the winner will find a way to cope.

A little closer to home is Lot 14, “Two Grills and Big Thrills” with Richard Chamberlain and Dean

mmmm...grilled game (maybe the chicken was wild)

Fearing. Six dinner guests will enjoy cocktails and grilled Kobe beef, scallops, wild game and other delicious food poolside at Chef Chamberlain’s home. As you listen to live guitar music, you can learn the secret grilling techniques of two legendary chefs, and then enjoy your food with wine pairings from Stewart Cellars. When the evening ends, you will take home an outdoor gas grill from Wolf, as well as an etched Double Magnum of Stewart Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The list of goodies goes on and on. Besides the auction excitement, there are all the pre-gala events to anticipate this week, such as the Tete du Cuvee dinner, the Grand Tasting, and the Pinot Noir Challenge, all of which lead up to the pièce de résistance, the Gala.

The Gala is going to be just fabulous, with all that wonderful food prepared by some of the country’s best chefs, live music, and hundreds of beautiful people milling about the Anatole ballroom in their best finery.

Time to put on your dancing shoes, limber up your auction arm, and rev up your taste buds—Cotes du Coeur is finally here.

I’ll see you there.

Cotes du Coeur benefits the American Heart Association, and the Gala event will be held at the Hilton Anatole on April 10. For more Cotes du Coeur information, visit

Rebecca Marmaduke is Cotes du Coeur Editor for


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  1. Rebecca Marmaduke    4/7/2010

    Dude, that was supposed to look like wild pheasant! :-)

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