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Bottle Rocket: Try Kiepersol Winery’s White Blend, Says Sommelier Jason Hisaw

My car temperature gauge peaked at 103 degrees last week.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I headed to the pool…with a bottle of wine. Which one? It was a white blend from Texas. Surprised?

I recently visited the Kiepersol Winery in Tyler, Texas, where I tried their 2009 Vit white blend. I was blown away by its slight touch of sweetness, racy acidy, and amazing floral aromas that reminded me of apples and pears. This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Grigio, and Semillon grapes. I couldn’t have chosen a better wine for poolside sipping.

I fired up the grill, tossed on a few jumbo prawns, and retreated to the AC, where I tossed together a simple salad of  spinach, fresh peaches and a light vinaigrette. As the sun slipped away, I sipped my Kiepersol Vit. Grilled shrimp, Texas peaches, a simple spinach salad, and a glass of Vit.


The wine is available at Big Daddy’s, and I found a few bottles at Central Market on Lovers Lane. At $17 a bottle, you should have no trouble drinking a few before this long summer is finished. (Ed Note: See comments below)

Jason Hisaw is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers as an Advanced Level Sommelier. He is a member of the wine team at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Dallas and writes for



  1. Jason Hisaw    7/23/2010

    I have no affiliation with Central Market or Kiepersol. I am a sommelier at a fine dining restaurant and write about wines that I try and like. I am from Chicago and moved to Texas three years ago. I obviously enjoy wines from all over the world, but thought it would be nice to showcase a few wines from my new state. Whether I buy my Texas wines from Central Market does not matter to me. What matters to me is finding a great wine at a great value. My reasoning for writing about Texas wines is to spread the word about the quality that our state is producing. There are some amazing wines with some extremely talented winemaker out there. I hope you continue to enjoy wines from Texas as well as the rest of the world.

  2. James    7/22/2010

    Ok, I am just a consumer, and an avid Texas Wine Enthusiast. I do not blog or have any financial interest in the Texas wine market, however I am very passionate about REAL Texas Wines. There is allot of “hype” out there in the Texas Wine Market produced by the TDA and those that have financial interest in the market that disguise themselves as the “Go to” guys for Texas wine knowledge.
    Honestly, is this an attempt to try to get this wine into Central Market because thats what it looks like to me. Central Market is not really a great place for Texas Wines because they have to compete with all the rest of the world which is really pricing their wines down to almost cost. Fantastic french Country wines for under 10.00 Discounted Argentine wines for 8.00 How can a 17.00 bottle of Texas wine compete in the arena?
    I think I am the only one who even looks at the Texas wine selection there. Right now Central market has a discount where if you buy 3 bottles of Texas wine you get a certain percent off. I forget how much.
    Honestly I do not even buy Texas wine from CM. And I have a cellar full of Texas Wine…just to let you know….
    Not to mention the distributors that stock their wines do a BAD job of selecting Texas wines for their shelves. Pheasant Ridge is a prime example… their 04 Merlot and their and God forbid their 04 Chenin…. those were some of the worst vintages from these guys. And they have not sold 1 bottle.
    My opinion as a Texas Wine consumer, it is better that you keep your wines out of central market and do like I do buy this wine either online at KECellars or in Tyler at their location.

  3. Jason Hisaw    7/21/2010

    James- I apologize for posting the wrong information. In researching all my Texas wines, I had the Kiepersol listed at Central Market and had switched it in my notes for my previous Texas Wine post. I placed a call to the winemaker at Kiepersol and she informed me that all locations to purchase the wines are listed on the website. They will also ship directly to any door in Texas. She informed me that their distributor is working with Central Market to get the wines placed in their locations. Hopefully, due to my mistake in the blog, they will get enough requests to speed up the process.

  4. Mike Hiller    7/20/2010

    Well, James, you’re right: no Kiepersol at the Lovers Lane CM. Lisa Jepko, a wine sales associate at the CM store, says they don’t carry any Kiepersol wines at the moment, “but we have lots of other Texas wines.”

    CM, ball’s in your court. A future Master Somm says the wine is a winner. What say you?

  5. James    7/19/2010

    ahhh I hate to disagree but this wine is not at central market on Lovers I frequent this store and am always looking to see what new Texas wines are available and I have NEVER seen Keipersol’s wines sold anywhere outside of the Tyler, Tx area. And I look for Texas wines everywhere I go.
    When Keipersol does get their wines into Central Market please let me know!
    I have tried this Texas Vit and it is a nice wine, however I think it would be better priced in the 10-12.00 range as it is a very light wine.

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