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Fireside Pies in Ft. Worth to Open Oct 20, Feature Different Menu

Fireside Pies, the darling of Dallas pizza pies since its first location debuted on Henderson Avenue in 2005, will open its Ft. Worth restaurant, in the West7 mixed use development, on October 20, according to employees.

The menu will be similar to the other Fireside Pies–big salads, creative pizzas, killer desserts–but look for a new style of pizza to debut. It’ll be lighter with a crispier crust. Same dough recipe, I’m told, but the pies will be brushed with olive oil before baking to make them more sturdy. The toppings will be different, too–including a pie with bacon and a fried egg–all selected to prevent the slice from flopping over at the tip when you pick it up.

I’ve also been told that Jimmy’s sausage is on the way out, at least at the FW location; Fireside is going to make their own in-house. Another addition: a steak and roasted chicken cooked in the wood burning oven. I’m betting Patrizio’s and Baileys Prime Plus won’t be scared.



  1. Kelly    12/21/2010

    To Mike: Baileys is a restaurant I frequent with business collegues, why mention them in the same letter as Fireside Pie’s? They are two totally different markets. If you are a fan of Italy-born Italian pizzas, you will LOVE the Fort Worth crust and fresh ingredients. It just goes to show you that there are few out there who are used to much outside of Pizza Hut.

  2. Kelly    12/21/2010

    The Fort Worth pies restaurant is excellent! It is the best pizza I’ve EVER tasted, very authentic crisp crust. I will be back every week at least. I only wish they were open for lunch. I went to take several people to lunch there the other day and they were not open until 5 pm. While I was peering through the glass, there were about 10 other patrons waiting who were VERY interested in eating there. I LOVE their freshly grated, feather light parmesan cheese.

  3. Mike Hiller    11/11/2010

    I’m hearing the same thing, too.

  4. Dale    11/11/2010

    Very disappointed… They changed the menu.. Why take a great thing and ruin it with too thin pizza, burnt crust – burnt chocolate dessert- will not return to ft worth – Grapevine is much better!!!

  5. Mike Hiller    10/28/2010

    I popped over there a couple of days before the opening (which, of course, was postponed), so I didn’t get a chance to try the new pies. I’ve heard mixed reviews. I loved the original Fireside Pies–and gave the Plano FP a four-star rating when I reviewed it shortly after it opened for the Dallas Morning News.

    Julian is a talented chef, and I know plenty of people who are fans of thin crust pizzas (Hi TG!). I like the original, so I, too, was disappointed to hear the FW location is messing with success. On the other hand, Tristan is a clever operator. He must think there’s an upside to changing the recipe.

  6. Disappointed in Fort Worth    10/28/2010

    Well, to my disappointment i was more than a little let down. After months of chatter and excitement about fireside pies coming to fort worth, i was left with a bad taste in my mouth. For starters i arrived to find that the menu had indeed been altered to reflect the changes mentioned in the article above and more. (not a good start) I mean does anyone remember when coke tried to push “New Coke”. Many of the pizzas that the chain was made famous for were not on the menu. When questioned about the missing menu fares the wait staff will give you and contrived response about how ‘this isn’t the way we do it here’ and ‘we do it this way cause we think our new way is much better’. Well i didn’t come to fireside pies to try and be wowed by a completely different style and taste of pizza. (Which i might add was not that great). I came to fireside because i was looking forward to enjoying the same quality food without having to drive all the way to Dallas to get it… i mean if you want to try and sell me on a totally different type of pizza all together then great, just don’t call your self a restaurant that you are not. That would be like going to Mcdonalds and having them try to sell you a Wendys burger. Sorry, that’s not why i came to your namesake. Also when asked if they had bruchetta (another staple appetizer), once again the answer was no. (Actually the answer was ‘whats bruchetta , believe it or not). One more complaint is actually with the seating. The table we sat at was along the left hand wall when you immediately walked in about 2 or 3 three tables in. The air conditioning fan was blowing so hard and loud directly onto our table it made for a very uncomfortably cold and loud stay… not to mention pizza that was blown cold in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to take my word for whether you will like it or not. Try it yourself, you may enjoy it. I think i would have enjoyed it had it been billed as something other than a place you expect to carry on the same great menu selections in the style that has proven successful. I give it two thumbs down.

  7. Ashley    10/14/2010

    I’m so excited for this Fireside Pies to open! Fort Worth has needed a fun, new concept like this for a long time. Congratulations and thanks to Tristan Simon for opening what I’m sure will be another successful restaurant!

  8. Mike Hiller    10/7/2010

    Inside sources tell me that Julian Barsotta, the chef of Dallas restaurant Nonna and who has recently teamed with Consilient Restaurants (the owner of Fireside Pies, among other restos), has been guiding the menu revision.

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