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Contest Time Again! Win two free Houston CityPASSES for nothing

Houston isn’t Dallas, but that’s a pretty good reason to go visit the Third Coast city. Here’s another: a pair of FREE CityPASSES.

We’re giving two passes away, absolutely free.

The Houston CityPASS will get you into Houston’s five must-see attractions for free. So when you’re done talking turkey with your crazy sister-in-law’s family, you can sneak off to:

  1. Space Center Houston
  2. Downtown Aquarium
  3. Houston Museum of Natural Science
  4. Houston Zoo OR The Health Museum
  5. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston OR The Children’s Museum of Houston

The CityPASS booklets are valid for nine consecutive days, beginning with the first day of use.

Want to win? In the comment section below, tell us why you think Houston is a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

That’s it. But do it by 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 8. I’ll pick a random winner after the contest closes and notify the winner by the email, so leave a real address. (We promise never to stalk, spam or sell you out.)



  1. Mike Hiller    11/15/2012

    Thanks to all who submitted a comment. W won the pair of passes.

  2. Nathan    11/8/2012

    Houston has lots of sights to see, including some good local breweries, but I wouldn’t want to live there because of the humidity.

  3. Zach Severs    11/7/2012

    With these passes, my kids could go see rockets while I go watch the Texans. We all would win.

  4. Gail    11/6/2012

    I was born in Houston but the summer humidity was too much for me, give me 100 degree Dallas summers instead of sticky Houston any time.

  5. CC    11/5/2012

    My girlfriend and I are spending the holidays in Houston, so we’d really like to visit those places.

  6. Dave    11/5/2012

    Houston has a better rodeo? No way is it better than the stockshow in Fort Worth or even Mesquite’s rodeo. Houston is fun to visit for Gulf seafood, Asian food, and better Texmex, but the humidity will kill you. Live in Dallas but visit Houston.

  7. Q    11/5/2012

    I’ll give you that Houston has a better rodeo than Dallas but not much else.

  8. Suzy    11/5/2012

    My family grew up in Houston, we left and dont look back. Sorry Houston, Dallas is just better

  9. Mark Sutter    11/5/2012

    We have Smoke and Boulevardier. Nuff said.

  10. W    11/5/2012

    As far as the other I will leave it to Mr. Thompson-

    Houston is a cruel, crazy town on a filthy river in East Texas with no zoning laws and a culture of sex, money and violence. It’s a shabby, sprawling metropolis ruled by brazen women, crooked cops and super-rich pansexual cowboys who live by the code of the West – which can mean just about anything you need it to mean, in a pinch.
    -Hunter S. Thompson

  11. W    11/5/2012

    Visit the Johnson Space Center (Space Center Houston) and see the Apollo 18 rocket (Saturn 5) that is a testament to the ingenuity of America and the bravery of the Astronauts. In many ways the greatest symbol of America in the 20th century. Other places are cool too. Visit Hugo’s for dinner while there.

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