Belly & Trumpet is the New! Improved! Concept Replacing Bowery on McKinney

Opening Sample Menu B&T

Now that hotdoggery Bowery is gone, owners Richard & Tiffanee Ellman (Oak) and John Paul Valverde (Coeval Studio/Outpost American Tavern) have reconcepted the tiny old house as Belly & Trumpet, a “small plates” place scheduled to open February 12.

Brian Zenner of Oak will be B&T’s chef. On the menu: shisito peppers, spotted sea trout, hanger steak and pastas (though not on the same tiny sharing plates).

Methinks this is a terrible name for an equally awful location, but the menu might redeem them. We’ll see. Another contender for Best New Restaurant in Dallas?

3407 McKinney Avenue, Dallas