Gear Guide: A Blackberry loyalist finds a lot to love about the Galaxy Note 3 on AT&T’s LTE network

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Great tools help you perform a task with ease. Fun toys give you endless hours of entertainment. Imagine a simple device that combines the functionality of an advanced communication device and the components professionals need to work. That’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Smartphone users cling to their platforms like kids cling to teddy bears. We all hold on to what we know and profess its greatness to any and all. I’m no different.  If you look yourself in the mirror, you’ll agree that you are a branding machine for what ever smartphone you have in your pocket right now.  Let’s face it: we all think we own the best device out there.

I have been holding on to a Blackberry long after everyone I know has moved on. Everyone around me had giant screens and impressive cameras. I had Blackberry messenger.

I raved about superior email service as my colleagues posted collages to social networking channels from their brilliant handhelds. I could barely “like” their status updates using my antiquated “tool.”

But I recently tested  the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on AT&T’s LTE network.  Now I don’t ever want to go back to my Blackberry.

I picked up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and quickly complained about its size.7 inches of bright screen that impressed nearly everyone I showed it to. ( I had to complain, I’m loyal to my brand). The Note 3’s full-HD, 1920 x 1080 resolution makes my bedroom television look cheap. I pulled out the Galaxy’s S Pen — a stylus — and recalled my days using a Palm Pilot.

I wanted to hate it. I wanted to say that Blackberry was still superior. I was wrong.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the device that will finally move me away from Blackberry and to the  Android operating system. I have to send my loaner Note back, but I’m sure I will get my hands on another one soon.  Christmas is coming and the truth is I’m sure I have been real nice this year, so I’m confident that on Christmas morning, a new Samsung Galaxy Note will be under the tree.

Why I Chose A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead of my Blackberry

  • The typing doesn’t get easier and the messaging is not as fast and responsive at Blackberry, but you make do. You sacrifice to have the options to do everything else. The ability to completely personalize your device is a key feature. Widgets, apps and personalized windows are tips of the iceberg.  Having trouble with your keyboard?  just go in to the APP store and find a keyboard that works bettert for you. Many have predictive text or SWIPE technology. You’ll get over the lack of a real keyboard. You will not type as fast as on the Blackberry’s physical keyboard, but you will improve quickly. Blackberry wins the keyboard battle but loses the functionality war.
  • The Note’s giant screen eventually seems normal. You’ll appreciate that when scanning through spreadsheets or watching movies. Go ahead and open a word document and actually edit that thing right on the giant screen. Add an image or share it with a quick hand gesture. Technology makes every aspect of your daily work life much easier. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 streamlines it even more.
  • The Galaxy Note3’s attached S pen allows you to change the way you organize your own content or contacts or doodles. With the pen, you can add notes to images or handwrite a contact. Take notes, draw a diagram or use the S Pen as an extension of your hand. Initially you might not appreciate this addition but as you comfort level with the device rises you’ll use the pen to navigate through menus and quickly perform tasks.
  • The Galaxy Note comes with a cool accessory– a watch called Galaxy Gear. Imagine a watch that allows you to take pictures, check messages or even make a phone call. If you have ever wanted to feel like a super agent, this watch may very well do the trick.

Ultimately, your decision to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not rest on the cool gadget functions and instead be rooted in the idea that this phone/mini tablet actually makes your life easier. It affords you convenience and efficiency in an easy to use and very powerful package. It works hard and that makes you look cool.