The Essentials: Devereux makes a line of golf shirts that’s all dressed up with everywhere to go

This is the golf shirt you want for wherever you’re headed after your golf game.

For one thing, it’s made of a poly/cotton tech fabric that’ll keep you cool in this gawd-awful heat; for another, it’s made by Develeux, a newish California clothing company led by a couple of brothers who both golf and understand style. I’m figuring they also have flat bellies, too, because their super soft shirts take their styling cues from Hogan, Palmer, and Player.

“We went looking for clothes that could bridge the gap between modern men’s fashion and progressive golf styles, but we came back empty-handed,” says Robert Brunner, one of the brothers. “So we set out to create what we could not find – the stuff legends are made of.”

Devereux sells its line at better golf clubs and shops and through their website. Pick up a shirt; their on sale right now through this link. Even if you don’t know where you’re headed after your round this weekend, you can at least look like you won.