Mark your calendars: Chefs for Farmers sets November 3-5 as 2017 festival dates

founder and ringmaster Iris Midler McCallister tells the Hatch that CFF has set a date for its annual food-wine-spirits-chefs-farmers bash next year: November 3-5.

“We had a phenomenal year last year, every year just keeps getting better, bigger and more popular,” said McCallister. “We’ve already lined up more chefs and more sponsors than ever before.”

The three-day event draws more than 3,000 food lovers to a half-dozen prime time events. McCallister says the Night Market street food party will return, as will the Sunday Main Event, though its location hasn’t been finalized.

“People loved Gilley’s (where the event has been held for the past two years) but an equal number love Lee Park,” where the event is held on green grass.

Funds raised from ticket sales and sponsorships are used to cover the events’ cost and fund donations to area farmers, who present “wish lists” of items they’d like help purchasing and range from fertilizer spreaders to fencing materials. McCallister says CFF donated $10,000 to fund those participating farmers’ wish lists.

EscapeHatchDallas was a proud CFF sponsor last year and will sponsor the organization again next year.