Chad Bowden has exited Stirr, leaving new Deep Ellum restaurant without its marquee chef

Talented chef Chad Bowden has parted ways with Stirr, the new Deep Ellum restaurant from Milkshake Concepts with an edgy design and a solid menu that included bacon Old Fashioneds.

“I wish them the best, but it was time for us to go our separate ways,” Bowden told the Hatch.

Bowden was recruited to Stirr, decamping his longtime job at Culpepper’s Steak House in Rockwall for the dangling carrot of opening Stirr restaruants in multiple locations such as Stirr at the Starr and Stirr Oklahoma City.

The departure likely isn’t tied to sales; the restaurant was packed during my visit there last month for a restaurant profile in 360 West Magazine, and sources say Stirr remains a go-to place in Deep Ellum.

For now, Bowden is back in the kitchen at Culpepper, but he’s likely to be snapped up quickly by a restaurateur looking for a talented exec chef.

photo: Stirr Dallas FB