One Dallas pizzeria makes Italy’s list of Best 50 Pizzas in America

An authoritative Italian group that ranks the 50 Best pizzerias in America has just released its annual list of the 50 best pizza places in America, and this year’s rankings again include a Dallas notable.

Topping the list is Una Pizza Napoletana in New York City. But the local win this year again goes to Partenope Dallas, which comes in at number 16 on the list.

The ranking panel says they combed the country over the past year and ate anonymously at each of the restaurants it considered. Judging criteria included the quality of each restaurant’s dough and raw ingredients, as well as wine and beverage lists, service, and customer service.

The judges wrote, “Dino Santonicola and his wife Megan lead this pizzeria in the heart of the commercial district of the city. They do so with the passion of those who wish to tell the world of Naples. The pizza is naturally Neapolitan and prepared according to the specifications. It is light, thin, and well-leavened. You can find classic pizzas like Margherita, Marinara and Montanara as well as calzone with interesting flavors that remind you of Calabria. The venue also includes pro and amateur pizza courses as well as catering and packages for private events.”

Time to revisit Partenope Dallas, the 16th best pizza place in America according to the Italian experts.