The Hatch previews Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner at AA HQ

big windows, LED mood lighting

here's the 787 lead test pilot. we're picking up our to-go order through the 787's new take-out hatch.

the cockpit always appears fuzzy if you're drinking (have you been drinking?)

AA will customize its seats, decor, pitch

Last weekend, I was invited to take a spin through the new Boeing 787, the new “Dreamliner” that many airlines have on order. Boeing flew one to AA HQ, which is where I got a chance to tour the fuel-efficient, wide body jet.

I snapped a few shots, though a few of them are a bit fuzzy–sorry about that. This plane is No. 3 off the line; though its logged 600 flight hours, the FAA still classifies it as “experimental,” so we remained on terra firm.  The plane’s chief test pilot (shown in the cockpit photo above) says its the best plane he’s ever flown, and several times better than the 777.

What’s to like? Tall, 19-inch windows with electronic dimmers to control the opacity of the glass (instead of a lowering a window shade, you darken the glass), LED mood lighting, very tall ceilings, oversized luggage compartments that can accommodate more carry-ons (or small children), and a supercool cockpit that astounded the pilots among my group.

Andrea Huguely, AA’s supermodel super spokesperson, says AA expects to take delivery of their first in 2014.

AA says the 787 can be configured to seat up to 290 passengers.