Chef Andre Natera, formerly of Pyramid at Fairmont Hotel, Will Lead Kitchen at Marquee

Andre Natera, one of Dallas’ best chefs, will be the new executive chef of Marquee Texas Grill. Natera recently left the lead post at Pyramid Restaurant in the Dallas Fairmont Hotel, a restaurant that he revamped into a culinary jewel. He replaces Tre Wilcox (whose food I loved) beginning next month.

Natera told me he will be focus the menu to be Texas-centric, using local ingredients but preparing them with classic techniques. Don’t look for many foams, gelees or sphere’s at Marquee.

Natera’s story on EscapeHatch a couple of weeks ago called out John Tesar (at Spoon), Bruno Davaillon (at the Mansion on Turtle Creek) and Matt McCallister (at FT 33) as three Dallas chefs whose work he most admires. I’d put Natera on equal ground.

Now I’m wondering on when sommelier Hunter Hammett will jump, too.