Hatch chiles star in special seasonal menu at Iron Skillet restaurant in FW Omni Hotel

omni fw iron skillet hatch chile menu-2 omni fw iron skillet hatch chile menu 080113_Menu_Limited_Hatch

If you’re itching to catch some Hatch chile fire in Fort Worth, then put Cast Iron, the restaurant inside the Fort Worth Omni Hotel, on your short list. Sebastien Layen, the hotel’s executive chef, says the restaurant will be spotlighting the chile on a  Hatch-inspired menu through September 22, 2013. The Hatch chile takes its name from the region in which it is grown– Hatch, New Mexico. The chile is a variant of the cayenne pepper and is in season for just five weeks.

Cast Iron’s Hatch catch includes a spicy Frito pie (served in an iron skillet, natch), a Texas peach- arugula salad  with a snappy Hatch chile-mint-lime dressing, a grass-fed ribeye steak served with Hatch chile-smoked cheddar grits, and chocolate pecan pie spiked with Hatch chiles.