Here’s how John Tesar makes a perfect summer burger at Knife

Did you know the first draft of the Declaration of Independence included the phrase, “…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Burger happiness,” but the word “burger” was dropped in a last minute compromise with the crazy vegans, who refused to sign the document.

So today, it’s fitting to examine how to construct one of the world’s great burgers. No, not a thin-patty smash burger or even a thick chunk of ground beef charred and made acrid by flames.

Instead, I like my burgers the way John Tesar likes his burgers: a mixture of ground chuck and brisket with about 25% fat (because fat is where all the flavor lives) and cooked in a smoking hot skillet.

Still want to use your grill? Me too. Stick your skillet on the grill and cook the burgers in the skillet on the grill. Why? Because you want to save and concentrate all those beefy juices as they drip out of the burger.

That, my friends, is burger pan sauce. Very French. Very American. Very Cheffy. We snuck into the kitchen of Knife and caught John Tesar working his magic on a burger with poblano-spiked pimento cheese.

Here’s a VIPeak at how to make a winning burger.