Texas Monthly’s picks for Best New Restaurants in Texas include Gemma, Knife, San Salvaje, Le Cep

Texas Monthly is out with their list of the year’s best new restaurants, an annual survey called Where to Eat Now and penned by senior editor Pat Sharpe. The caveats: “To make the list, a restaurant must have opened between November 1, 2013, and October 31, 2014, and it must be a first location.”

Here’s her list. Click here for the pretty prose.

No. 1 Caracol, Houston

No. 2 Olamaie, Austin

No. 3 Gemma, Dallas (“Some chefs yearn to reinvent the wheel. Stephen Rogers, 44, wants to give you the smoothest ride possible.”)

No. 6 San Salvaje, Dallas (“…despite the unfamiliar words on the menu, many of the dishes are surprisingly comforting.”)

No. 7 Knife, Dallas (“Of course you want the 240. It’s the most famous steak in Texas. Among Texas steakhouses, Knife stands alone.”)

No. 9 Starfish, San Antonio

No. 10 Le Cep, Fort Worth (“…perhaps the greatest novelty of dining here is that the chef is actually in the kitchen, as opposed to on TV or off at some posh gala.”)
The Blind Butcher and Oso make her Honorable Mention list.