This week’s WTF (weekly taco feature) at Velvet Taco is crazy in the head

The brain trust at Velvet Taco has been busy readying their Chicago store for a fall opening, but not too busy to come up with a WTF (Weekly Taco Feature) that takes a hard left turn from their usual offerings.

“…you know I try to push the envelope at times at velvet taco.  Next week is proof of that,” VT’s creative director, John Franke wrote me today. “Our WTF is a cornmeal fried veal brains taco.  Specifically a corn tortilla, egg, goat cheese fingerling potatoes, avocado crema, no pales pico, and salsa verde (along with lime poached and then cornmeal fried veal brains).” That’s the taco, pictured above.

This one is going to turn some heads. (I’d head there Monday for the half-price “back door chicken,” too, but YMMV.)