Texas Monthly names the 50 best burgers in Texas

Where’s the best burger in Texas?  I can’t tell you exactly where just yet but here’s a hint: you can’t order it through a drive-through. Where’s the best burger in Dallas? Same deal: I can’t tell you for a few more hours, at least not until the first copy of the August issue of Texas Monthly reaches a subscriber’s mailbox (they were mailed out last week).

A small team of us criss-crossed the state to uncover the fifty best burgers in Texas. In Dallas alone, Daniel Vaughn and I worked our way through more than a hundred burgers to find the best. The ones pictured above are just a few of the 63 burgers I tried solo. We and our co-writers whittled down the list to eight in the Dallas area that we think you’re going to love — and not one of them is handed to you in a paper bag.

Not a Texas Monthly subscriber? That’s okay. The list goes live here this week. Then check back here or on Facebook (@MikeHillerDallas) and let me know what you think.