Time has finally run out for pioneering Trinity Groves restaurant with “Limited Time” concept

The concept sounded daring when it opened: rotate chefs and artists quarterly, allowing new talent to strut in the “permanent pop-up” on a regular basis. Though owner Casie Caldwell tweaked the formula by extending the talent run beyond three months and recruiting TV talent like chef Blythe Beck, Kitchen LTO has finally reached the end of its Limited Time Only run. EscapeHatch has confirmed that today’s brunch service will be the restaurant’s last meal.

The news takes me by surprise, too. Though I could never fully embrace the restaurant’s “permanent pop-up” business plan, I really thought Amoriello and his menu of creative regional dishes might finally propel the brave concept forward. In the end, though, Caldwell or someone in charge at Trinity Groves determined it was time to let KTLO’s marquee go dark.