Shake Shack to open September 1 in Dallas’ Crescent complex in Uptown

shake shack lv chicken shake shack burger lvDoesn’t that chicken sandwich look good? Great even? And that burger looks pretty darn good, too. Well, prepare to stand in line.

The first Dallas outpost of Shake Shack will open September 1, a company spokesperson has confirmed and GuideLive has published. As is the custom with Shake Shack, the menus in each city are often tweaked to highlight ingredients unique to their locale; typically, that means frozen custard “concretes” constructed with mix-ins from local bakeries or sweet shops, plus burger toppings from locally sourced artisans or producers. And, yes, the Chick’n Shack — a truly excellent fried chicken sandwich introduced to select Shack locations more than a year ago — will be on the menu here, too. You know one big reason why their burgers and the Chick’n Shack are so good? They’re built on a Martin’s potato bun, a soft, slightly sweet, pillowy cradle that almost no one else in town uses. (Chef Garreth Dickey swears he’s been using it for his burger at Dish, but the buns weren’t used when I visited for my portion of the Texas Monthly “Best Burger” story.)

I’ve eaten at Shake Shack in NYC and Las Vegas many times. Is it worth standing in a line for? Yes, I’d give it a 15 minute wait. Any longer than that and you’d be better off  waiting for good BBQ.

A second Shack is slated to open next year in Plano’s Legacy West development, not too far from John Tesar’s Knife Burger.

2500 N. Pearl St., Dallas