Fort Worth became BBQ World HQ last weekend as luminaries, BBQ stars attended NBBQA national meeting

Sam Jones’ BBQ pork

BBQ expert Sam Jones is a BBQ pork whisperer.

Sam Jones’ BBQ pork roasted all night

BBQ crazy.

Black’s BBQ beef ribs

Black’s BBQ served killer Texas beef ribs

All things barbecue displaced all things urban cowboy in Fort Worth last weekend as the National BBQ Association took over Billy Bob’s and the Stockyards for its annual “I Am BBQ” conference and BBQ Bash.

BBQ luminaries such as Aaron Franklin, Chris Lilly and Sam Jones attended, mingling with a crowd of several hundred who munched on samples of everything that could be grilled, smoked or ‘cued.

The highlight of the BBQ tasting, though, was Sam Jones’ slow-roasted pig, lightly seasoned then cooked over charcoals until the skin was crackling crisp and the meat was impossibly juicy. No wonder that’s where Dallas rib guy Chris Rubel, Austin’s Aaron Franklin and literary agent David Hale Smith all seemed to hang out.