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Dallas restaurant inspections reveal failing grades for some notable restaurants

Flipping through the most recently posted restaurant Dallas restaurant health inspection scores has given me heartburn. The city began making the data easily findable on their website last month (here’s the link).

According to the Dallas Business Journal, the city grades restaurants on a 1 to 100 scale; the most recent posted inspections are from 3/31/17:

  • 59 and below: Unacceptable – Closure, requires re-inspection before opening
  • 69 to 60: Failing – Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days or closure
  • 79 to 70: Passing – Requires re-inspection within 30 days
  • 89 to 80: Good – Requires regular six-month inspection
  • 100 to 90: Very good – Requires regular six-month inspection

Some odd ducks are on the list, which I screen-grabbed for you below a few days ago. You might have an iron stomach and can eat at places that received barely passing, failing or even unacceptable scores. Me? I’m sticking with A-listers and a maybe few Bs. That rules out a few notables like Nylo Southside (61 on last published inspection, 12/16), Tanoshi Ramen (69 on last published inspection, 10/16), Village Bakery (69 on 11/16), Sissy’s (66 on 12/16), and El Bolero (67 on 2/17). These places all would have required follow-up inspections, which I assume they passed or they would have been closed down. But the bigger question to me is how did those restaurant owners allow their kitchens to fall below 70 in the first place?

Yeah, I can understand a point or three off here and there (I’m told that the inspectors can be awfully picky about silly things). But less than 80? Know who received a perfect 100 score recently? Here’s the first page in the list:

And this wheel shows restaurants with scores below 79:

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