Sushi Marquee brings a raucous, delicious sushi restaurant and a thumping soundtrack to The Star in Frisco

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Restaurateurs Brad Hawkins, Dallas Hale and a handful of business partners are on to something with their raucous (and delicious) new place, Sushi Marquee.

Plunked into a second story space at The Star in Frsico,  there’s a palpable passion in the kitchen for raw seafood served as sushi, sashimi and wrapped up in tidy rolls. Of course the backbeat might also emenate from 70s and 80s rock, played loud and proud over Sushi Marquee’s club quality sound system.

“Why can’t a great sushi place be both delicious and fun?” Hawkins asked me rhetorically over dinner at Sushi Marquee last week, as platters of lobster, ahi sashimi, dragon rolls and plates filled with seared halibut, A Bar N wagyu beef and char su pork were delivered to our table.

Sushi Marquee was made for groups of party-ready diners, so plan to order way too much food, the right amount of cocktails and share.

Tell your server to bring “The Little Star” ($50), an omakase platter with several rolls surrounding big dominos of sashimi. (Bump it up to “The Big Star” ($100) if your group won’t all fit in a single Uber Black car.)  Go even bigger with tempura lobster, lamb lollipops and bowls of tonkotsu ramen, or step it down with spring rolls stuffed with tender Wagyu, peppers and onions, or pan-fried pork gyoza, all perfect for sharing among friends.

“Las Vegas has Tao, but Dallas had nothing like that,” Hawkins said. “So we decided to open a place where people could get loud and have fun while eating really good sushi. People don’t want to go to dinner at one place then go somewhere else for drinks, so we’re giving them a place they can do both.”

The interior design mixes modern industrial elements with bold, colorful accents, a thumping soundtrack and plenty of wide open space for your group of 20 or 200.