What are you doing this weekend? Cancel it. You’re now going to Haywire for a weekend brunch with food you actually want to eat and drinks you actually want to drink

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Weekend mornings in Plano resemble a Frogger of brunchers, everyone loading up the Suburban then checkerboarding their way to a meal that’s not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, not quite happy hour yet all of those tied up into one tidy package.

You don’t have to love breakfast, lunch or liquor to like the brunch at Haywire at Legacy West in Plano. You just have to love a place whose staff, owners, chefs and bakers love you back. Pastry chef Sarah Lewis’ coffee can cake — a breakfast cake baked in a coffee can and served with whipped cinnamon butter — and a pot of strong brewed coffee (made with locally roasted coffee beans) is the way to get started, though there’s nothing wrong with a little bubbly with a splash of OJ, which GM Brian Knoy or any of his staff will happily pour for you. Then move on to craft cocktails, crab cakes with hollandaise, maybe some cheddar biscuits. How about a slice of chile-spiked chocolate cake (because you know you want it)? With Judd Fruia as Haywire’s director of operations, you will be cosseted here.

Haywire is also impossibly convivial. On an early Sunday afternoon, you might hear some sneaky church folk clinking glasses at the whiskey bar downstairs, heated discussions in the dining room about high school football at one table and hockey at another, and throwback country music playing a few decibels higher than the chatter on the rooftop patio. Haywire’s three-story soundtrack is the link to one of the better weekend parties you’ll attend. And this one has pancakes, chicken fried steaks, shrimp and grits, and cakes baked in coffee cans.

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