Josh Harmon out as chef of Junction Craft Kitchen, where new owners took control in December

<p id=”HT4FsF”>The chef of Junction Craft Kitchen has departed the kitchen and the concept he co-founded in Deep Ellum.

Posting his exit on Instagram a few minutes ago, Joshua Harmon says the restaurant’s direction is morphing into “more of a neighborhood bar driven menu.”

“You can still find my food over there,” he continues. “I booked a consulting gig for the next few weeks and after that I DONT KNOW… I have been thinking a little about going back to New York but I had a really good friend in the industry tell me “dallas isn’t done with you yet.”

The change occurs barely two weeks after Dallas’ Cody Neathery announced that he’d purchased the restaurant and took control in December.

“The cat clawed its way out of the bag so I suppose it’s safe to announce my purchase of Junction Craft + Kitchen in Deep Ellum with … Joshua Harmon, as my partner,” Neathery wrote a couple of weeks ago on Facebook.”This purchase fulfilled a dream of mine possessed since high school which became a goal into adulthood.

“The first month of ownership in December was not easy. Having a great amount of support from our staff helped immensely. I listened to our customer base and chef, therefore we launched a new and relatable dinner menu with lower price points. We debuted our speakeasy, Leadbelly’s Backroom, where guests walk through our kitchen to a cozy room with incredible drinks from veteran bartender, Michael Sturdivant. Last week was our best week of the year. I didn’t naively make this decision in a whimsical manner with hopes of striking it rich. I approached this opportunity to do what I enjoy most, being around food and serving others.”

photo: Junction Facebook