Trinity Groves restaurant incubator has less to cluck about, shutters Fat Chicken

First they were forced to close their Resto Gastro Bistro. Now its Fat Chicken that’s had its head chopped off.

The fried chicken and pie shop in West Dallas’ Trinity Groves restaurant incubator shuttered on New Year’s Eve. Fat Chicken, jointly owned by partners Linda Mazzei, chef DJ Quintanilla and Trinity Groves, opened in February as a replacement for Resto Gastro Bistro, Mazzie/Quintanilla’s first TG restaurant, which abruptly closed in 2016.

“I think Fat Chicken is a great concept — it’s exactly what our customers are looking for, and I’m confident it will thrive at Trinity Groves,” TG c0-owner Phil Romano remarked last year.

No word on what will replace Fat Chicken.  I’m also hearing that a TG bar with an odd networking theme is struggling and a menu overhaul is in the works.

photo: Fat Chicken