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Wolfgang Puck needs this Zoli’s BBQ brisket pizza in his life. You do, too.

If only Wolfgang Puck had lived in Texas, he might have been able to turn his BBQ chicken pizza idea into a thing. Instead, he had to settle for millions of dollars in sales and the fame that comes with creating a whole wave of new age California pizzas.

So who’s gonna make bbq pizza a real thing? You know, a thing with slow-smoked brisket, good cheese and great crust? Pizza magicians Lee Hunzinger (above) and Zoli’s NY Pizza owner Jay Jerrier, who make a damn good Cattleack BBQ pizza pie with their slightly tangy, slow-fermented dough, Cattleack BBQ’s highly praised brisket, a handful of roasted jalapeños and a two-minute pass through one of Zoli’s 800 degree deck ovens. Sesame seeds on the crust for your chewing pleasure.

Order a side of Zoli’s Cattleack BBQ rigatoni if you want to finally kick that bothersome Paleo routine you developed over Christmas.

You need this pizza (and a plate of that pasta) in your life, and so do your low-carb friends.

photos courtesy of Zoli’s 

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The Ranch Las Colinas

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