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John Tesar to open Knife, a “modern American steakhouse ” in Hotel Palomar


John Tesar is the chef and owner of Spoon

John Tesar is the chef and owner of Spoon and will soon open Knife in the Palomar Hotel

John Tesar has a hit with Spoon. Now he hopes to complete his place setting with Knife, a “modern American steakhouse” that Tesar told EscapeHatchDallas will soon take the place of Central 214 in the Palomar Hotel. 

“I’ve been working with the current owners of the Palomar for weeks on this plan,” said Tesar. “Kimpton will continue to manage the hotel, but we’re going to take the food and beverage side to a new level.”

“Knife will be a meat place,” continued Tesar. “I’m going to model it after Quality Meats in New York. Top quality meats, steaks, wild game and a little bit of seafood.”  Tesar says his modern spin on the steakhouse means a wider variety of meats, a “more fun, less stuffy” atmosphere, and prices that are “affordable and approachable.”

According to Tesar, Central 214 will close for rehab “after the first of the year,” and reopen as Knife sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

Tesar says he’s currently discussing the executive chef position with a couple of area chefs, who will oversee Knife’s operations. Tesar insists his place will still be on the line at Spoon “every night.”

“Look, I’m 56 years old,” Tesar told me. “I’ve worked at a lot of restaurants, and by now, I think I have a great deal to offer to a younger generation of chefs and cooks. I want to help Dallas grow as a culinary community, which means I need to help them learn from my own mistakes and successes.”




  1. nir adar    12/31/2013

    John, I’m not an anonymous at all; my full name is posted and in fact i’m the only one on this “fun” thread that uses his name (not abbreviated). I strongly differ with you on the how things came down that night but I rather not continue “washing this laundry” in public. If you like to contact me directly just click on my name, it will take you to my site and contact info. Happy new year!

  2. JT    12/31/2013

    Honest response to Anomus open letter ..

    The way I recall the evening was you came to Spoon sat down ordered a round of drinks looked at the menu and then made some really nasty comments about pricing and what an ugly rest located in a strip mall. You then said something negative to your sever and decided to leave. I followed you to the valet with my manager to see what the problem was and you accused us of coming after you .. Which was ridicuouls ! You are more than welcome to come visit us at Spoon and or Knife and we will cater to your every whim and try and make you happy. But I am not letting you be rude to my staff or say nasty remarks about me or my restaurant just so you can feel better about yourself. The customer is always right only if they are always polite!
    I believe the last thing you told me before you walked to your car was that a seafood restaurant in a strip mall is never going to make it in Dallas .. See to my point if your rude or mean the customer is never right ! Peace to you and come eat some really unique and interesting food ! Happy New Year

  3. nir adar    12/31/2013

    Open letter to John.
    The Kimpton hotels are our 2nd home mainly due to the fact that the brand is ALL about personal touch and honest friendliness. Last year alone my crew and I spend 60 days at the Palomar in Dallas and 59 of those nights at 214. What brought us back night after night was our Love to chef Grahams’ amazing food, professionalism and humble personality.

    Now, I have no opinion about your food since I never had the chance to try it. On the one night we decided to venture “out” and go to spoon (Graham recommend) my crew and I were chased and flanked by you and your giant bodyguard with intent to start a fistfight in the alley just because we were not interested to pay $45 for a plate of pasta.

    (I guess this is what “a witness” meant by “volatile”?)

    As for Knife, I’m honestly concerned about you manning the restaurant at our favorite hotel; we like to feel at home at our 2nd home. I hope the Kimptons didn’t make a mistake by letting you take over the restaurant that is there first and foremost to serve the guests of the hotel. I hope you will be able to absorb some of the Kimptons’ philosophy of how to treat guests and make them feel like home (since what we’ve experienced was in total contradiction to the Kimptons’ spirit and philosophy).

    We will surely give Knife a try (since it is convenient), and since you cannot chase us out of our rooms, otherwise we (and others) will head elsewhere to a different hotel. We look forward to try some good meat (and fish).

  4. a witness    12/29/2013

    He’s more than a butcher, you assclown. Learn to spell. Clearly you haven’t eaten his food. Volatile personality or not, his food is better than 95% of any other chef’s in dallas.

  5. B Casebolt    12/28/2013

    George Forman? If you choose to insult someone at least learn to spell first! Best of luck to you John!

  6. John Roberts    12/28/2013

    214 did not make it there for a reason. You can have all the experience, a great staff, lots of money, but sometimes it just does not work. I wish you luck. I don’t want to see a grand opening and grand closing of Knives in 2014.

    Good Day,


  7. JT    12/28/2013

    If your going to be hateful at least use your real name or just call yourself loser or asshole something of that nature

  8. jenny teich    12/27/2013

    too bad to see 214 go into rehab, i like the place as is. could Tesar go to rehab too?

  9. George Forman    12/27/2013

    Tesar and knives should not co- exist in the same room. While tesar might be a good cook he is still forgin to what hospitality means. Butcher yes, restauranteur hell no. Watch out guests of the Palomar hotel, be nice otherwise you might be the burger for dinner

  10. Clayton    12/27/2013

    boom!…goes the dynamite

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