EscapeHatch Wine Editor Jason Hisaw Taking Master Sommelier Exam Right Now

One of the Hatch’s wine experts, Jason Hisaw, hopes to become certified as America’s 181st master sommelier late this week. He’s currently in Las Vegas, where he and a small cadre of other advanced level sommeliers  are enduring four days of oral and practical exams to assess their knowledge and skills of all things wine and spirits.

The exam includes oral and practical components–and a series of difficult blind tastings in which a successful candidate will have correctly described and identified the wine’s varietal, vintage, origin (virtually down to the winery), taste, aroma, and visual characteristics.

Like all masters candidates, Hisaw has spent several years training for the exam. (Hatch wine editor Barb Werley is already certified as a master sommelier). Another Hatch contributor, Dlynn Proctor, is also in the testing process for his masters certification.

To qualify to take the master sommelier exam, candidates must have passed three additional levels of certification in a multi-year process..

Good Luck, Jason!